WOW My Tots100 Rank Went up by 705!!! in 1 Month

Im in total shock!!! I realised today that the Tots100 Rank’s for December had been released and I had no intentions of seeing any movement in my rank as I only signed up last month.

So today you can see why im abit like “WOW! really???”… I’m not a “blow your own horn trumpet” type of person… but im sooo stinking Happy yay Go Me!! 😀


So in 1 month of signing upto Tots100 I have moved up by 705 places, I have no idea if that’s good or not??? But to be honest im just happy ive moved up (the competitive person within me is reaching out haha)

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49 thoughts on “WOW My Tots100 Rank Went up by 705!!! in 1 Month

  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    Well done! That is very good. You will find the rises get slower and smaller the further up the chart you get (and sometimes you may slip down a bit too!). The whole thing does get very competitive! Popping over from PoCoLo.

  2. suzanne3childrenandit

    Honestly? That’s amazing! I do remember the jumps being quite huge in the first 6 months and then you kind of find a static place. Well done you 🙂

  3. Emma T (@ETusty)

    Ha ha, you’re hooked already. It’s a scary thing waiting each month, but is so satisfying to see the work you put in and the benefits you get out when you move up. Every little bits means more people are reading and listening to you.

  4. Leanne

    Thank you 🙂 I can see it becoming Addictive and more difficult to climb up that Ladder… But yeh I was totally utterly shocked at the move up 😀 x

  5. Mandi

    Well Done, I realised half way through November I hadn’t updated my blog url, so December I plummeted by about 700!!

  6. Victoria Welton (@VicWelton)

    That’s brilliant! Well done Leannne – I look forward to see how much you’ve grown by this time next year 🙂 Thanks for sharing with PoCoLo x

      1. Colette B

        I’m sure you can do it – the jumps are big in the early months – I’m broke top 250 on my 4th ranking 😀 x

  7. Jaime Oliver

    well done my lovely, i know by this time next your it will be world domination my lovely 🙂

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

    1. Leanne

      Its fab!!!.. I didn’t actually expect it to move up, I just thought oh it might take some time to get ranked etc. I nearly fell off my chair haha

  8. amanda walsh

    Wow thats a fab jump, it took me 8 months to get in the top 250 and now im trying hard to stay there 🙂
    Well done

  9. Franglaise Mummy

    Well done! I had a bit of a Tots 100 jump myself too recently, it’s a lovely warm feeling, isn’t it?


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