WOW how the heck did we make it to 10years!!!

Today is mine and my partner in crime’s 10th year Anniversary!! I cant believe were at 10years already, it only feels like yesterday when we first had that awkward encounter of meeting as complete strangers and thinking of clever witty things to say without them coming out mangled through nerves. In that first instance of meeting each other I had no idea that my, our lives would change FOREVER!


It hasn’t been plain sailing! infact its been pretty bloody tough and heartbreaking at times… But we’ve always come out of any situation together and stronger than before.

and the Best bit of all is having our 3 Beautiful Children!


So here is hoping to more Fun and Enjoyment 🙂


1 thought on “WOW how the heck did we make it to 10years!!!

  1. Leanne

    Thank you hunnie… Its been a rough 10 years thats for sure haha… Congrats :)… I feel like you should get a medal! hehe x


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