WOW I got #97 in the March HIBS100 Rank – #MagicMoments

Today I was checking out my Blogs widgets, decided to have a little shuffle around haha and in the corner of my eye noticed that my HIBS100 Badge had changed from the Non-Ranked Default display to now a snazzy #97!!! :O I was utter speechless. I think more so because I only signed up in the middle of last month to the HIBS100 Directory, I expected that it would take a long time to go up the ranks, just like my TOTS100

I quickly raced outside to Lee who at the time, was putting up plasterboard on the walls in the conservatory… I told him in my own way which kind of goes like; “OMGeeeekkkkkkOMGOMGIgotranked!!!” to which he replied with, “You got Wanked?” PMSL  Oooppps! So I repeated it again a lot more slower and then I got “oh right cool!”.. I don’t think he got it, or that he was just too busy to acknowledge that this is a BIG thing! haha

hibs100 march ranking

But Yayyyyyyyyy Woohoooo ive only been blogging regularly since October 2013, so its nice to Accomplish little Mini Milestones 🙂

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