World Book Day – Wheres Wally Boys Last Minute Fancy Dress Costume


yay we have successfully survived another World Book Day Here in the UK… Last Year i had the lovely task of transforming my boys into Steve the Famous stick block character thing from Minecraft, you can check out our Costume for that: DIY Costumes – How to make a Easy and Quick Minecraft Steve Costume for FREE

So this year Dalton Decided to go as Wheres Wally!!! Hooray, something that i could easily just buy a costume and be done with it… Only skip a few days ahead to where i realise that World Book Day is actually closer than i anticipated, so a mad dash to the shops later thinking i could quite easily find a Wheres Wally Costume, ended in Epic failure 🙁 I even went to my Trusty Mr Google to find that i had left too late for me to order a Wheres Wally Fancy dress costume to arrive in time… BUGGER!

I decided i will NOT be beaten at this… so another day came round and i went to the shops again to get bits and bobs to make his Costume!…

How to Create a Wheres Wally Dress Up Costume for World Book Day:

  • The Top i purchased from Primark for £4.00, it is a woman top lol (sssh don’t tell Daulton)
  • Glasses are also from Primark and cost £1.00
  • The Hat i had to knit myself, but i dare say if my shopping centre had more than just the few shops it does have them maybes i would of found one.
  • Walking Stick we borrowed from Daultons, Great Granda Brian (he’s got a few, so we didn’t leave him stranded lol)
  • The Binoculars, we already had, i just attached some string so that there looked more like Wheres Wally ones.
  • The Satchel Bag is suppose to be brown, but we improvised and borrowed one from my mum.
  • Jeans we already had, so we recycled them.

All in all a pretty low Cost Effective way to dress up your child as Wheres Wally for World Book Day 🙂

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