DIY Costumes – How to make a Easy and Quick Minecraft Steve Costume for FREE

If you have children at school, then you are sure to know all about World Book Day… If you don’t then basically you as a parent have a HUMONGUS responsibility to try and create a Costume of a Literacy Character. Then you spend hours upon hours if not days trying to create your precious little angels the impossible costume there begged you at the beginning week!

DIY Costumes - How to make a Easy and Quick make a Minecraft Steve Costume for FREE

Now technically your costume has to be of a literacy character, like; Wheres Wally, Horrid Henry, Willy Wonka etc etc. But my boys decided to be Steve the Character from the Minecraft Game!! :/ But apparently he’s a Literacy Character because he features in the Minecraft build book, so therefore its fine! (in the words of Daulton)

So as you can guess from the lovely Photo of Daulton Dressed up as Steve, I had the lovely task of making not 1, but 2 Steves from Minecraft, and of course not forgetting a matching Sword Prop just to finish the costume off.

How I Did It:

  • I found a website and downloaded the PDF document to make Steves Head
  • Printed them out using Adobe Reader X on Glossy Paper
  • Found a Box 12×12″ and stuck each piece together on the box
  • We needed a Diamond Sword, so I found a PDF containing what I needed to print out
  • You should really use Foam Board, but I couldn’t find that anywhere so had to settle for thick white card
  • Cut them all out and stick them on the Card/Board
  • Grab a blue T-Shirt or dye a white T-Shirt Blue like I had too

Minecraft Steve Cardboard Head


Ta Daaaa all done… Now I just hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow on the school run :/ I shall add a picture of Ashton in his costume, when he allows me too (he’s not overly keen on his picture being taken) x

12 thoughts on “DIY Costumes – How to make a Easy and Quick Minecraft Steve Costume for FREE

  1. Maddie Sinclair

    This is brilliant!!!!! It was my first World Book Day this year as a mum of a Receptioner, and I was gutted when he refused to go as anything except for Spiderman in his already existing pre-bought Spiderman costume (he’s definitely a stubborn one!). I was wanting to get my creative juices flowing, but no. The whole school was full of Spidermen and Disney Princesses, so the creative ones really stood out. Oh well. Maybe next year. #PoCoLo Maddie from Gammon & Chips. xoxo

    1. Leanne

      Awwww, there will be plenty more of dressy-up days… My Ashton usually settles for the spiderman costume, but its finally too small for him (yes!) so he had no choice lol x

  2. Christine

    That’s great! I’m reading this in the midst of waiting for a cake to cool that I’m going to somehow transform into a Minecraft birthday cake for my son. He’s loves Minecraft! #pocolo

    1. Leanne

      Oh how cool!!!… ive got a funny feeling that my boys will probably want one also :/ goodluck!!! cant wait to see pics x

  3. TwinsplusTwo

    Excellent! Our kids’ school tell you what to dress up as – so restrictive! Not sure Steve is a book character as such, but mine would def rather have gone in a Minecraft costume!

    1. Leanne

      awww no that’s not much fun!… I did protest with the boys, that basically steve from minecraft was actually a game character. But Daulton purchased a book from the World Book Day school Display and there was a Minecraft book there, featuring steve as a character… So I lost my argument haha


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