White Nursery Vinyl Wall Sticker, Birds in Trees


Heres the Vinyl Wall Stickers i bought for Layla’s Nursery. The Seller had lots of different styles and colours, but i instantly fell in love with this print and choose white as i think it stands out better against the Dusky pink Wall.

It took a matter of minutes to apply to the wall, by simply peeling back the film and placing on the wall, then rub it with the applicator tool thats included!!!

For £12.50 we have a lovely feature wall…

2 thoughts on “White Nursery Vinyl Wall Sticker, Birds in Trees

  1. Vicky

    I love the picture of Layla’s nursery! I don’t suppose you remember what pink paint you used? I love the dusky pink, I can only seem to find ‘bubblegum’ pink! X

    1. Leanne

      Thank you… The colour of the paint i mixed up myself with cream, purple and red (had to do this as i couldnt find the right colour i wanted) x


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