Where do you hide your Presents #hudlxmascheer

hehe, I love hiding presents, it feels somewhat naughty even though every year it seems to get even more difficult to hide them, it must be the boys age as there now 6 and 9 years old so we have to be more cunning and put more thought into the new locations for presents… gone are the days of just plonking them down the side of the bed haha


This year we have a new addition to the family Layla who now needs hers hiding, so we have to find more hiding spaces 🙂

So this year our allocated spaces are:

1, Lees wardrobe, you cant get anything else in mine haha

2, The cupboard understairs, its just “boring” housewife toys like the hoover and the mop that tends to live in there

3, The grandparents house! haha there will never find them in there 🙂


This post is an entry into the Hudl Christmas cheer competition that can be found on Tots100 #hudlxmascheer

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