What I Wore: Primark Clothes Haul Hot Pink Top & Black Skinnies

what i wore Primark Bright Pink Long Top Black Jeggings

I don’t normally do these kind of What I Wore posts, so I’m totally out of my comfort zone! :/ eeeek so i will try and wing this one 🙂

I have literally Zero confidence in what I wear, I go out places and the first clothes that are allowed to come out of my wardrobe are Black Trousers, black boots and a Plain Bland Top or a Black Dress :/… I’m literally clueless in what I should wear, it’s not that I don’t watch the lovely Mr Gok on the tele (who let me tell you would NEVER get me naked lol) or This Morning when there get these glam fashion designers in to put the most expensive clothes on some models. I can’t afford those clothes!, I could never even dream of spending £100 on a pair of shoes or even £80 on a pair of jeans just because there claim to hug you in a bit.

I’m a Mum of 3 who by the time I’ve kitted out my kids and the other half I’m left with pennies to spend on myself. So you have to get clever and you have to think outside of the box.

I was in the dentist’s waiting room the other day as Dalton accidentally broke one of Ashton’s front teeth which happened to be one of his Adult tooth. Anyways that’s a different story for another time lol, but whilst waiting I was reading one of those Glam Magazines and spotted a model in black skinnies and a Hot pink top, it instantly popped out at me and made a mental note of it. Before I could check where the outfit was from, we were in to see the dentist.

Where I live is limited on shops, we literally have about 4 clothes shop, if you want something else then you need to venture outside of town :/… Anyways I popped into Town after we had been to see the Dentist and my headed to my favourite shop, PRIMARK.. I love it solely for the price of things.

Scanning the rails and shelves and saw in the distance this beautiful BRIGHT pink Chiffon blouse/top (not sure whether it’s a top or blouse?) with 3 quarter length sleeves (perfect for hiding my HUGE arms) and it was teamed off lovely with a gold zip to the back of it. Before I even check for my size I’m always checking out the price, surprisingly it was only £9.00!!! that’s a bargain, so picked up my size and headed towards the jeans.

Normally I wear blue jeans, darker the better. I’m sick of wearing them as it is and decided that after 20 pairs of blue denim jeans and a couple of pairs of black leggings it was about time that I got some different coloured Jeggings! Now Jeggings is totally new to me, but when I tried them on, there felt great! not as stiff as jeans, but not as given as leggings, so it kind of sucked me in a bit. Those were £11.00


So in total I spent £20.00 on my Outfit!… and what I learnt was that I can wear Pink, not just any pink but BRIGHT pink and still feel very much as comfortable as wearing just all black. Now I just need to buy more colours in this top and I’m sorted hehe


Would you wear a BRIGHT pink top???

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