What does a positive clearblue digital pregnancy test look like inside?

Have you ever wondered what does a Clearblue Conception Digital Pregnancy Test look like inside??? Yeh me too!… Heres what i found:


clearblue inside digital pregnancy test 1-2

Pregnant 1-2:

If you look at the strips in the above picture, you can see the bottom strip has 2 lines, the darker line is the control line and the fainter line to the left of it is to say your Pregnant. The top strip with a single line, determines how long ago you conceived. The line appears faint to indicate that it was only 1-2 weeks ago.

If you are seeing this result then you are about 3-4weeks Pregnant.


clearblue inside digital pregnancy test 2-3

Pregnant 2-3:

If you get Pregnant 2-3 then this is how the tests will look like. You can now see the single line test getting darker, aswell as the control line on the bottom strip.

So your now 4-5 Weeks Pregnant


clearblue inside digital pregnancy test 3+

Pregnant 3+:

So we come to the last and final test 3+ and have you noticed how all the lines are Dark???

All of the 3 lines are super duper dark, so now you will confidently see 3+.

So have you ever wondered what goes on inside a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test???




25 thoughts on “What does a positive clearblue digital pregnancy test look like inside?

  1. Charlotte

    I just want to say thank u so much for this post i just got the 1-2 result and of course being the obsessive tester that i am i cracked one open but didnt understand the lines, i have taken other brands too and some of the lines are a little bit fainter so this reassured me thankyou!x

    1. gemma

      Hi in done 3 test not all say negative. Look et inside all of them and they are getting darker but no prostive yet can upload a pic but not sure how to I am so confused xx

  2. Sarah

    So according to this, I am 1-2 weeks pregnant! My test said “not pregnant”. Definitely going to pick up a few old fashioned tests, as I’ve done some Googling and found that Clear Blue Digital is notorious for giving false negatives! I’m one day late and have been nauseated for a few days!

    1. Leanne Post author

      Yes deffo test with some others. Other pregnancy test like the First Response Early Result, are super sensitive whereas the Clearblue Digitals aren’t… therefore take that little bit longer to detect a pregnancy… Fingers crossed x

  3. Amy

    I have done mine and it said 2-3 but my lines are just as dark as each other and all super dark like on the 3+ pic. A tiny bit confused 🙁 I tested a week ago and got 2-3 and 3 days before that I got a 1-2 result so surly it should be 3+ by now? I’m almost 7 weeks pregnant xxx

    1. Leanne Post author

      Hi Amy, I wouldn’t trust these 100%. Sometimes your urine can be different concentrate therefore giving different results (i found my 2nd morning urine to be stronger than my 1st)… I know its easier said than done, but try not to worry. Im sure everything is ticking along nicely.. Congrats 🙂 x

  4. Annalise Smith

    I know this is old but I am officially 12dpo i got a blood test done Monday (10dpo) and it came back negative, started bleeding yesteray (11dpo) got a faint positive, tested later got a more clear positive then took a digi and it said ‘not pregnant’ took it apart and got 1-2 weeks. I rang 111 and they said wait for the bleeding to stop, what if the bleeding doesnt stop or it turns into a miscarriage? All the positive tests came up after i started to bleed so guessing it was implantation bleeding. Am I Pregnant or not? 1 very faint positive, 2 clear faint positives but 1 negative blood test. Help me?

    1. Leanne Post author

      Hey… Are you 100% sure when you ovulated??? also normal pregnancy tests tend to be a lot more sensitive than a Clearblue Digital test and therefore id suggest to re-test in a couple of days when your HCG should of double… it should then pick it up! Godlike 😀

  5. Emma Williams

    Hey I’m constantly on these sites so wondering if any one could help.i been regular for 6 or so months me and my husband are ttc last month so I had positive opks around 13 14 days past af then done it again week later again positive opks then the 3rd week positive.ive constantly had ewcm from ovulation still now. I’m currently 2 weeks late negative tests.ive had 3 kids before and my last took about a week after I was to af.all boys.from my 3rd child I have very mild endo.anyways I’ve tested with the clearblue didgi 2 days ago got a negative but opened it up and seen the 3 blue lines tested again today same negative but 3 lines but slightly darker.i understand that sometime you gear up to ovulate and don’t then trys again. having 3 lots of positives over 3 4 weeks maybe I’ve recently ovulated.my mam didn’t know she was preg with me until 3months could this be me maybe a girl this time.im not sure what to think do I take that the hcg is low or take it as a negative.hope this makes sense to someone and help me out lol

    1. Leanne Post author

      Hi Emma… Thanx for stopping by. Hmm it could be that you just haven’t ovulated yet, do you take your temp and plot on a ovulation graph? this can help to determine if and when you do ovulate (Helps massively to know where you actually are in your cycle) I use to use fertility friend. Some ladies irregardless of gender of baby won’t show pregnant on any test for a good while, whereas some show really early. Just depends on how your body produces and excretes HCG. I would say however that you might be best to go to the doctors and ask for a blood test, just to see if anything is picked up. Hoping for a positive for you x

  6. lauren

    thank you for this, i got 2-3weeks and lines were darker than 2-3 but lighter than 3+, used due date calculator and worked out ive just turnt 4weeks :3 this really did help me. Thank you so much, nervous though as first kid as im 21 with full time job haha

  7. Tracy

    Hi leanne I also done 2 clear blue digital test the week one , both came up not pregnant opened them up and had the dark blue line next to it another blue line that’s on one strip and one other strip had a faint blue line . Does that mean I am pregnant but not enough hcg to detect to make a pregnant symbol only digitiser,
    Are these test surpost to have 3 lines when it stats not pregnant?

    1. Leanne Post author

      Hi… Its possible that its just too early to detect as the Clearable digitals aren’t the most sensitive tests. Have you tried any other test?


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