Were having a Baby!

were having a baby

Im so Happy to announce that after another long wait we are expecting our 4th Baby (and of course our last!) haha… I didn’t think it was going to happen, as we had kind of been trying since we had Layla, as we knew we would of liked too of had another.  Here the Baby as i refer too as Squigglet is measuring 13weeks dot on. Due: 07/10/15

Lee and I gave ourselves a cut off time period, as we said we could just go on and on. So we both agreed that if we hadn’t fell pregnant before Lee’s 31st Birthday (23rd January 2015), then we would say no more and carry onto the next step in creating our future etc.

Well the scan reveals that i infact fell pregnant just 1 week before 😀 (how was that for timing?)

I pretty much knew i was Expecting before a Pregnancy Test actually agreed with me, my symptoms were pretty typical/normal.

Heres my lovely list:

  • Feeling Hot and flustered
  • Cold like symptoms
  • Blue veins more prominent on my boobs
  • Sore and tender boobs
  • Bloating
  • My favourite one of all, Moodiness!!!

Eventually my tests started to agree with me!

This is what a Very EARLY Positive Pregnancy Test Strip looks like Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator 1-2 and + Very Positive Pregnancy Test Strip Were Expecting Baby #4

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11 thoughts on “Were having a Baby!

  1. Mummy Tries

    Lovely news hon, huge congrats! I always said I wanted four but don’t think I’m brave enough 😉 xx

    1. Leanne Post author

      Thank you hunnie :)… Ive NEVER imagined myself with 4 kiddo’s, but with all the heartache we went through with trying to conceive Layla our 3rd, i just knew i wasn’t done and i really wanted to have a small gap between them, but i think 2 years and 5 months is a nice gap too :)… I can’t wait! so excited 😀

    1. Leanne Post author

      Thank you :)… Im doing ok… tiredness is kicking my butt but the worst part is the headaches, they seem to just be constant 🙁


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