We went to see the Lego Movie in 3D!! – Its FAB!

The boys have been hyped up about the impending Lego Movie! There are Lego Mad, they have tons of the stuff in their bedroom and can spend hours and hours playing with all the Lego city sets, Lego train set, Xbox games, duvet covers and Curtains!! etc. Needless to say they like anything to do with Lego.


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The Lego Movie came out last Friday on Valentines Day, but unfortunately we had to wait till Monday night to go, as that was the only available night Daddy was off work, so he could stay home and watch Layla.

Lego Movie 3D tickets

We got some Lovely Black Spectacles to watch our 3D Movie and of course I’ve kept our tickets so we can add them into the Scrapbook.

Watching the Lego Movie in 3D

We sat right at the back on the last row and smack bang in the middle. The boys think its the best seats in the Cinema. We got there nice and early, way before even the adverts started. So here I snapped a quick picture.

Our Thoughts on the Lego Movie:

We had a Great time and the Lego Movie even though it was aimed at children, it had me sucked right in! There is a great storyline and a even better twist at the end which then makes you view the whole movie in a totally different way than you first originally thought.

The boys really enjoyed it and there sat still throughout the whole duration of the Lego Movie without a single murmur! They thoroughly enjoyed it.

I must say that there is a rather addictive song that plays throughout the Movie and of course, since seeing the Lego Movie its been stuck in my head! “Everything is Awesome” isn’t awesome when your laid wide awake at 1am in the morning with the song on repeat haha

Have you seen it? If so what did you think of it?


7 thoughts on “We went to see the Lego Movie in 3D!! – Its FAB!

  1. Wicked World of Lucas

    Daddy took Lucas to see this at the weekend and they came home singing that blasted song!!! It’s become the bathtime song……….. right before Mummy gets squirted in the eye with the water pistol!! #funee


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