Top 5 BEST Ever Christmas Gift List, for the Woman in your Life

Here I’ve complied the Top 5 BEST Ever Gift List for the Woman in your Life.

Top 5 BEST Ever Gift List for the Woman in your life

So Christmas is drawing ever so close!!! (How fast has this year gone? like seriously!!?). Anyways every year the Mr asks me the Question, “So what do you want?” each and everytime i always reply with, “ooo surprise me!”.

Now don’t get me wrong, The Mr’s buying skills are pretty dam good! but theres only so much Baileys liquor and Ferrero Rocher you can stomach. I figured this year i could help him out, (i mean surely thats allowed right?)

So this year I’m super duper Prepared, I’ve compiled my list!!! Ive even printed it out and popped it onto the fridge hehe, I don’t believe in subtle hints 😉

So whats on my Gift List:

1, Remington CI606 Curl Revolution Tongs – RRp: £44.99

These look Awesome!… I absolutely love wearing curls in my hair, but its bit of a faff and a pain in the butt to get right. I don’t always have a lot of time in the morning to pay attention to my hair and so its usually up and out of the way. These make curling hair super duper easy with its rotating barrel, there is also 5x heat settings and take only 15 seconds to heat up!

2, Bomb Cosmetics Little Box of Love Gift Pack – RRp: £10.84

How LUSH do these Look!!! I like a bath ALOT and its made even more nicer when i whip out my candles, luxury Cath Kidston bath Products. So what better way than to indulge in some LUSH Bath bombs! That the reviews suggest smell bloody lovely!

3, Valentino DONNA Christmas 2016 Gift Set : 50ml Eau De Parfum EDP & 100ml Body Lotion – RRp: £73.99

Im not normally 1 for Perfume, i tend to just body spray myself throughout the day, (not because I’m smelly may i add lol!, but i hate when you can’t no longer smell your spray, so you need to top up)… I was in town the other week and we have one of the The Perfume shops and just passing the young girl behind the counter asked if i would like to have smell?… aye go on, why not eh? I instantly fell in love with the Valentino Donna Scent! its obviously very hard to describe how nice something smells over the internet haha… but i will say that i could smell the perfume all day and until i bathed, it wasn’t a over powering scent and a few people commented that day asking what i had on! it just smelt bloody gorgeous, so thats deffo going on my list!

4, Michael Kors Rose Gold Womens Wrist Watch MK5896 – RRp: £170.71

ROSE GOLD!!!! I’m a sucker for anything thats remotely either got bit of a lot of Rose Gold on!… Im surprised that i haven’t included some Rose Gold Pandora Charms on my list (ill add those on for my Birthday hehe)… Michael Kors has just got to be the most Stylish brand going right now and I’m sucked right in. I love this chunky cute watch!, its not cheap, but then its not like you buy a new watch every other week… So this is also another MUST infact, i NEED it 😉

5, Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Saffiano Small Tote Bag – RRp: £209.00

LUSH, LUSH and just LUSH! I think i could actually drool over this bag, obviously I’m not going too!, but i so want one. For the past 13months I’ve been using Teo’s Baby changing bag :/ whilst the bag is pretty OK its not a Michael Kors! haha

So what would you have on your Gift List???

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