This Mombie is just beyond tired!


This no sleeping thing is slowly taking over my life!!!. I written a post last week explaining why im tired, you can read that HERE 


Although she’s gotten slightly better, now waking up after 2-3 hours rather than 1 hour. Im just exhausted, im ratty, angry, moody, emotional and feeling stressed. Its madness how little sleep can make EVERYTHING seem much worse than it is.

We have got so much going on in the house! we have a part built porch, that still needs plaster boarding and flooring to be done, we’re in the midst of building a conservatory. They is mud, dust etc. everywhere!! im sick of trying to tidy that up whilst trying to do all the usual housework.

Me and Lee have had a falling out, his family are all bickering (family events always end in some sort of bust up!). I try to talk to my close friends and im shunned away because its not “their” problem! But yet im there for them when they have a problem… Im fed up! I’ve deactivated my Facebook for a little bit as I’ve got enough going on without other peoples problems being flung at me. I haven’t had the motivation to do much blogging or blog hops either 🙁

Lee’s 30th birthday is tomorrow and were off to Liverpool for the weekend just me and him… and im just hoping that this small mini break will snap me back into my little happy self.


2 thoughts on “This Mombie is just beyond tired!

  1. Lizzy - Muddle-Headed Mamma

    Sleep deprivation definitely has the power to make everything seem so much more difficult, to put it lightly. No wonder it’s used as a form of torture! A day can just drag for so long and feel like an entire week when your brain hasn’t rested properly during the night, can’t it? My partner and I have argued so much since our daughter was born ten months ago, due to sleep deprivation and all the stress that eventuates as a result. I know exactly what you mean about trying to talk to people and feeling shunned. It’s funny how many people say they ‘want to help’, but they don’t really when it comes down to it. It annoys me how so many people prfer to gossip about others behind their backs rather than listen to the problems of the person standing right in front of their face, like a real friend would! Hope you guys have a relaxing time this weekend and get some well earned rest 🙂 xx


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