The Toilet Rules! – a must have for any Bathroom dominated by Boys

Living in a house with Boys has its Issues… These Issues only present itself in the Bathroom, particularly the Toilet… So when I was out shopping one day and I came across this Sign, I just had to get it!

Toilet Rules Sign

The Toilet Rules is a Perfect Feature in our Bathroom! HEHE When the boys came home from school that day, they found it Hilarious.

It Reads:

1, If you lift it up…. Put it down

2, If it Runs Out… Replace It

3, If you Miss It… Clean It Up

4, If you’ve Finished… Flush It

5, If it Stinks… Spray It

P.S Guys, Stand Closer… It may be Shorter Than You Think.

A Great Sign, I think you’ll Agree? and its made from Slate!!! Bargain at only £3.00 from Matalan

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