The Funny side to Breastfeeding


I’ve been breastfeeding Layla for almost 9 months now and to be honest I’ve had it quite easy compared to some other breastfeeding mummy’s, I even made my own Breastfeeding Tops Read how I did it HERE But along the way you find some funny or not so funny little things that some folk just don’t tell you about haha.. So here is where I will bare all my confessions!! haha

    • Your breasts will leak whenever is totally not convenient and seems to only happen on a top that will show this little mishap in all its GLORY haha


  • Gone are the days of wearing those expensive Sexy underwired Bras, but yet you will relish the day that you can actually wear those uncomfortable bras you use to complain about.



  • It does HURT!!… Don’t believe those people who tell you otherwise, they LYING lol… Well at first it does, but once you get over that, your good to go!



  • Your Nipple(s) become milk sprinklers! If baby detaches when your Let down is happening, boy those things cant half spray!



  • The days were your breasts WERE apart of your Mans Life… Now a new owner has claimed them ALL for themselves.



  • Feeding from one breast only at any Nursing session, will make you look totally lopsided :/



  • Don’t just believe “breastfed babies can go days without a poo even upto 15days” there can also have daily EXPLOSIVE up your back and out the sides type of poos… Ewwww Eughhhh



  • Do make sure your decent BEFORE answering the front door, as your Postman may get more than he bargained for… **Cringe Moment**



  • Give them a ->squeeze<-, recently used breast feels smaller and squishy, fuller one feels bigger and firmer.. A much better way than having to rely on your Memory.


So here is some of my most cringe moments so far whilst breastfeeding… Care to share yours? x

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