The floor is up again!

Lee has decided to take my kitchen floor up again!!!! This is the second time he’s took it up without me knowing I.e I was in the bath and came down to lee pulling up the floor! Arghhhh I could kill him, but I won’t.

First time he did it, the tumble dryer leaked and all the water ran under the laminate flooring and soaked into the underlay so it needed taking up…

And now the flooring had to be lifted because salt started to show through the wall pillars in the kitchen/dining room.

Blurghhhhhhh so it’s up, drying and the pillars have had the plaster and plasterboard removed about a foot high *sigh*…. Ever just get that feeling that you really just can’t be bothered? And it’s funny how the mess and disruption seems to continue right through the house!

We have just bought a conservatory to go on the back of the house and need to plumb in a radiator so the flooring may have to wait till that’s complete which could be a few weeks :/ arghhhh I don’t know why we do things like this haha, I shall update on progress x


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