The Boys Bedroom – Makeover! Phase 1

the boys bedroom makeover

When we purchased our 1st home back in 2010, we had everything to do! When i say everything, there is no exaggeration… The house had been derelict for years and was stuck in the eighties with wood cladding throughout the house, dated kitchen and not to mention we had no heating and some idiot had put a screw through the only remaining cable going to the electricity box!. We also found that the electric shower had been wired into the cooker!! WTF?

On top of no heating and no electric, the house was rife with damp, so everything had to be stripped back to brick and started again… So when it came to doing the boys bedroom it was just a quick job of slapping abit of paint on the walls and putting furniture and all the toys in, our plan was to sort it out properally and do a fantastic Boys Bedroom!

But as per usual other things like, the washer leaking in the kitchen, so the flooring needs to be replaced, then doing the garden so they have somewhere to play oh then Layla arrived so its always been on that list of: To Do’s….
boys bedroom makeover 2

Now is the time to get their bedroom decorated and sort out the lack of storage.

Even though we have quite a few Ikea storage units, theres just no room at all, doesnt help that our bedrooms are small.

Due to the lack of storage the kids just leave their Lego EVERYWHERE! I mean lego isnt cheap, i don’t even want to think how much weve spent on the stuff!!!.

Plan of action:

  • Make a built in bed for the boys, so there i storage underneath and not over hanging the Alcove
  • Paint the entire room Light Grey, but with accents of colour to adapt to the boys growing, that way when their fall out of love of lego, batman, transformers etc the room will still suit
  • Add bright colour lights in there bed space to help them relax
  • Build storage unit in the Alcove to maximise space
  • Build a lego City Table with draws underneath to store their lego
  • Go Lego crazy! with a bedding, rug, lights and wall art

Boys bedroom makeover

Are you making over a Boys Bedroom?? any cool ideas you want to share? i would love to hear them


4 thoughts on “The Boys Bedroom – Makeover! Phase 1

  1. Helen Porter

    I love the idea of having there room a colour that can grow with them it save so many expenses in the long run, there is also an amazing choice of wall arts and bedroom stickers about to so once they get fed up you can simply start again I need to do something like this for my boys #binkylinky

  2. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Awww I love those cabinet/shelf fr Ikea! I need so much storage/shelf too! I think that your plan will work! And yes provide lots of storage where ever whenever you can. #binkylinky

  3. Zena's Suitcase

    Sorting out a kids bedroom is no easy task. I’m going to look forward to following this one as I have no ideas what so ever!

  4. Emily

    I wouldn’t know where to start with a boys bedroom! I have girls so it’s just pink, pink, pink! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky


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