The Birth of Layla at 38weeks – Elective C-Section

Wow Today is the day that my little girl will be entering the world!… Its been such a very long time coming, i never thought i would EVER see this day, but OMG its happening 😀 😀

So i didnt really sleep very well lastnight i just tossed and turned majority of the night, ive been pretty good at sleeping in my pregnancy during the night but obviously im restless etc because of what lies ahead for today.

Alarm clock set for 6am, bluerghhh as its the cut off time to have something to eat, drink and then take a Ranitidine Tablet to help settle my stomach acid that the hospital provided me with… So i decided to have the Biggest bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes ha, and a glass of milk Yum :).. I went back to bed as i NEED sleep! and well lets face it this will be the last time for a very long while that i will be able to have some sleep. So i went back to bed and got up again at 8am to get the boys ready for school. Lee took the boys to school, whilst i got ready and tried to make sure i had everything that i needed!… I took some final pictures of my bump.

38week bump pic

So Lee started work at 10am and i needed to be at the hospital for 11am so there could book me in and get me sorted/prepped for surgery. My Father in law arrived at our house for 10:15am as he was taking me and my mum through to the hospital… We almost got blown away the wind at the minute is really strong!!! but its quite warm, shame it was windy as it would be rather nice. Anyways we arrive at North Tees Hospital in Stockton and make our way to Ward 22 which is on the 2nd floor.

We arrive at the ward and go to the ward desk and book in, and wow its so busy on the ward, so busy that there dont really have a room for me but there is me and another lady who are booked in for a C-Section, so as a temporary thing we got put in the very end room of the ward. Im glad it was just a temporary thing as wow its sooo small in there!.

Me and my mum were greeted by a Midwife who was looking after me and Layla today and she filled in lots of forms and also made sure that my consent to the C-section was present. She noticed that my Platelets were low, as of 12th of april there were 98 i was told that 80 was borderline for a C-section via a Spinal Block, so i needed to have my blood taken again :(. I was gutted as i thought i was deffo getting the Spinal Block, but here i was again worrying like hell that i might not actually be able to be awake and see my daughter straight away.

About an hour later i seen several doctors, Aneathetist and also who would be performing the C-section, there did tell me names, but i mean how on earth you are suppose to remember all of those is beyond me. Soon the Midwife wheeled in a tiny little cot with bedding, blankets, towels and also a gown for me!, wow this bit felt sooo real. I could imagine Layla lying in there it was such a surreal moment!….

laylas hospital bed

Just after 1pm, i attempted to put on my sexy stockings that help eliminate Deep vein thrombosis, when another midwife came into the room and said right your bed is ready in the other room. This room was much bigger with 4 beds in it, rather than just the one. The bed i had was the exact same one as the bed i had for my 2nd Son Ashton!!!… So Yay i was Happy 🙂 haha….

My mum decided to go to the shop downstairs and get a newspaper and a magazine for me… We then got changed into our Scrubs and gown.

[repped for c section

The time was getting on abit and the nerves were getting more intense as the minutes ticked by, everyone was texting and messaging me on my phone for updates etc… The time was ticking by and it got to about 3:10pm and i thought ooo best go to the toilet before there come for me, when i came out the toilet here was the midwife and the Surgery co-ordinator waiting outside for me!… OMG this was it.

We got downstairs and entered the theatre section. My mum had to wait outside while there numbed my back, which just seemed to take forever!!! I had wires coming out of everywhere, i had wires on my chest to check my heart, i had a drip going into my hand via a Cannula, i had a Blood pressure cuff on my arm that just randomly inflated and deflated whenever it wished… Anyways i was Numb! and this was it!….

There put the curtain up and my mum joined me by my side!…. There were a lovely bunch of doctors etc, there tried they best to help me calm my nerves and talk me through what was going on etc.

Then i just Heard the most amazing Cry!!! My heart just skipped a beat :D… She was out! she was finally here and finally Safe. I kept waiting for them to bring to pop her up over the curtain like they had done when i had my Sons, but there never did. Silence just filled the room, i couldnt hear her crying anymore, i couldnt hear anything apart from doctors trying to re-sew me up.. I kept asking if she was ok? and i wasnt getting a response, which in turn made me fear the worst!!!…  The aneathetist went to have a look for me and came back and said those dreaded words, there just giving her a rub to wake her up abit! I knew what that meant!, she wasnt breathing propperally!!! panic and Fear just kicked in, and it felt like every second i was saying to my mum and aneathestist is she ok? where is she?…. Then the Midwife pops round the corner of the tent and heres Layla tightly wrapped up in towels, eyes closed shut and licking the towel!… The Midwife then tells me that Layla had the cord wrapped round her neck twice and when she came out her nose was blocked and was having to rely on using her mouth to breathe… but there cleared her nose and shes all fine. Phew!!! It felt like forever but it must of been just minutes.

The Doctors stitched me up and then i was wheeled through to Recovery and my mum Carried Layla through… She was now badly eating the towel, so my mum popped Layla onto my chest and she Latched on instantly and fed Straight away! 😀 i was soooo happy and pleased i couldnt believe it, i couldnt believe my little girl was not only finally here, but she was safe, well and now latching onto the breast like a pro!… She fed for 10 minutes untill she let go herself.

We arrived back onto the ward, when i rang lee and told him that she was Here!!! 🙂

Layla arrived at: 15:40pm weighing: 6lb 11oz at: 38weeks dot on Gestation






6 thoughts on “The Birth of Layla at 38weeks – Elective C-Section

  1. Kim Carberry

    Ahh North Tees!! WOW My eldest was born there also by c-section 11 years ago….hehehe I’m originally from Thornaby!

    1. Leanne

      Oh :)… my 2nd and 3rd was born there, but that’s only because there have now closed the maternity ward in Hartlepool :/ x

  2. Super busy mum

    Oh my goodness, beautifully told and it brings back so many memories for me as my youngest daughter was delivered by a planned section also. Every moment you spoke of I was reliving. Bar the scary moment, which, I am so pleased she was ok as I am sure that moment for you was pretty damn terrifying.
    She is just so precious and those photos of her are just beautiful. Congratulations Hun and thanks for linking up to #madmidweekbloghop


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