The Banners are UP!!!

Lee turned 30 today!!! hehe. He’s such a big kid though, infact he’s worse than the kids.

He loves surprises, presents, balloons you name it anything birthday related he loves. So I thought right ill surprise you! We nipped to the supermarket to grab a couple of bits and bobs. I texted my mum while she was at our’s if she could put up the banners and balloons I bought earlier that day whilst we were out.


She kindly cellotaped a banner to the door and the front window which she carefully adorned with balloons that displayed 30 TODAY all over hehe.

He had no idea and he only knew once he pulled the car onto the drive! His face was a picture, I really wish I had a camera! Needless to say I think he liked his surprise.

We also surprised him with a birthday cake 🙂 Happy 30th Birthday! x

1 thought on “The Banners are UP!!!

  1. Victoria Welton (@VicWelton)

    What a really lovely idea – I hope he enjoyed the rest of his birthday, Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x


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