That time of year!

Yup decorating! It seems quite popular around October to whip out new rolls of wallpaper and your paint brushes.. Why? I will never know, don’t get me wrong I love decorating! No really I do… But what I do dislike the most is deciding what colour scheme to go for, stripping old wallpaper (yuk wallpaper paste feels sooooo wrong) and not to mention that even though your just decorating the one room, every other room in the house goes into a nuclear meltdown! How does that happen?

Anyways I’m always left to do the decorating, which to be honest doesn’t bother me as it’s usually MY bright idea to decorate and achieve the overlook that I like which usually sits in my brain from things I’ve seen in other peoples homes or accessories in the shops.

I wanted something nice and bright! But with a touch of class, luxury, warmth but that will also work alongside 3 children (that is yet to be tested lol)….
I Think I’ve achieved it! If I haven’t well it’s tough because I’m not doing that again in a hurry lol it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future or until Layla starts doodling all over the walls when she’s a tiny bit older.
I used vertical lines wallpaper and put it horizontal, going across rather than up and down.. I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it actually was! I did have to use a spirit level and I really didn’t fancy finishing the papering to realise it was wonky haha (No one wants wonky wallpaper!, well unless your into that kind of thing I suppose lol)… I bought dulux silk paint in natural hessian, so it’s cream but not the boring/ common magnolia you see everywhere these days. It gives a slight stone shade without being too dark.
We recently purchased the fireplace from a local reproduction shop, it was very much neglected, covered in thick black dust, paint, silicon… I was very surprised at how nice and stone like it came up and underneath all that dirt and grime it has a lovely soft sparkly finish! I have no idea what it’s made from, but it weighs a ton!… Looks like it’s been in a mould of some sort I’m guessing maybes cement resin of some type… Anyways I love it! And only cost £80.00 similar fireplaces I’ve seen are around £7-800.00 so a massive saving 🙂



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