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My Baby Bump Update - 15weeks with no.4

My Baby Bump Update – 15weeks and I’m a little Orange!

  Statistics Gestation: 15weeks and 0Days Weight: 9st 12lb Clothes Size: Urghhh its official my normal Jeans don’t FIT 🙁 so the Maternity jeans have been purchased and in the picture I’m showcasing some lovely Baxter Maternity jeans from Topshop and OMG there soooo comfy!!!! What I’m Craving: At the minute I’ve got a taste for anything sweet, sour or basically anything i shouldn’t eat/drink too much of… Naughty Mammy hehe How I’m Feeling: Im knackered!!! My motivation as well and truly buggered off! Ive got a list of jobs/tasks that need doing in the house and i just lack the energy or the can […]