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09th Feb – 15th Feb 2014 Week 7 – Project 365

This week has been FAB!!!… Layla has learnt to crawl, Lee has spoilt me rotten and the Kids have broke up from school for a week so no more school runs in the horrible wet cold weather… YAY… 09.02.14 – We got some vouchers for McDonalds, so we went early on the morning and the Boys enjoyed, pancakes with maple syrup and Egg McMuffin. Me and Daddy had Coffee’s. 10.02.14 – Daddy Layla laid on the settee watching Cartoons, I went upstairs and sorted out the Boys wardrobes, came downstairs and they were both fast asleep!! 11.02.14 – Woohooooo Layla has […]


02nd Feb – 08th Feb 2014 Week 6 – Project 365

oooo week 6, feel pretty chuffed with my little self, that Im still taking part in the Project 365… I did think that I would find it difficult to take a picture every day for the rest of this year… but ive been finding it hard to pick out my best everyday as I tend to take a lot of pictures! :).. I suppose more is a good thing. 02.02.14 – Over the winter/Christmas we have been building a Conservatory. Its took its time though as the weather hasn’t exactly been very good, so it has dragged on abit. But […]


12th-18th January 2014 Week 3 – Project 365

Well week 3 has been a pretty boring one, Layla hasn’t been sleeping well at all! so in turn im knackered and officially classed as a “MOMBIE!”. I haven’t even had the time or energy to plough into my little blog or keep up to date with my Favourite Blogs 🙁 So im hoping for a much better Week 4! 😀 12.01.14: We took the kids swimming as part of a session there do at our local swimming pool, which is purely just for families only. This was Laylas first ever swimming experience since being born (I went swimming whilst pregnant […]

5th-11th January 2014 Week 2 – Project 365

Wow cant believe were into the 2nd week of January already! time just goes too quick… heres my Favourite photos from the Past week. 05.01.14: Mum came round after she had been food shopping with my Granda, and Layla loves seeing her Nana! Can you tell? 🙂 06.01.14: I don’t really like to let Layla in our bed at night, Im abit scared of rolling on her. So I like her to stay in her own Cot where I know we cant squash her, but this particular night she just wouldn’t settle at all, so she pinched Daddy’s side of the […]