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layla mamas and papas white cotbed

Layla’s Baby Nursery Bedroom – Butterflies & Pink

I decided to take some better pictures of Layla’s Baby Nursery with my Singing all Dancing Nikon Camera. I have previously uploaded a post of Layla’s Baby Nursery, but I took the pictures using my Apple iPhone 4 and lets be honest the quality of those pictures doesn’t have a patch on a DSLR Camera. So come on in… Unfortunately Layla is the youngest child out of 3 and so has the Box room. Space is limited and I’ve had to keep this in mind and utilise everything to the best I could, so that we could gain maximum storage […]

My Top 5 Baby Must Have Products! - Tried & Tested x3

My Top 5 Baby Must Have Products! – Tried & Tested x3

Being a Mummy x3, you get a good understanding of what baby products works for you and also what doesn’t. There is so many baby products on the market that for a first time parent it can be very overwhelming on what you should choose and what you should steer clear of. So here I will share my Top 5 Baby Products, that I’ve used for my Children: 1, GroBag/Sleeping Bags: This is my Top Number 1 Baby Product!!! The Sleeping Bag. As a first time mummy, it filled me with dread when I heard horror stories about babies suffocating […]

White Nursery Vinyl Wall Sticker, Birds in Trees

Heres the Vinyl Wall Stickers i bought for Layla’s Nursery. The Seller had lots of different styles and colours, but i instantly fell in love with this print and choose white as i think it stands out better against the Dusky pink Wall. It took a matter of minutes to apply to the wall, by simply peeling back the film and placing on the wall, then rub it with the applicator tool thats included!!! For £12.50 we have a lovely feature wall…