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Day 9: The closest cause to my heart

Today’s NaBloPoMo post: November 9, 2013 Which cause is closest to your heart and why? The cause that is closest to my heart is the Alzheimer’s/dementia trust, my lovely nana was sadly diagnosed in 2006 at just 72 years old. Since then the Alzheimer’s has progressively got worse to the point that she doesn’t recognise her family, she can’t hold a conversation without forgetting what she was trying to say initially. It’s such a sad thing to witness especially as my nana is still so spritely, she could outrun me that’s for sure! My lovely nana hasn’t had the most […]

Day 8: NaBloPoMo Tell us all about your profile picture!

November 8, 2013 Tell us about your profile photo or the picture you use on your “about me” page. I’m sooo sorry for the lack of my NaBloPoMo posts, Layla has been teething like mad and in the last 2 days she has popped out 2 teeth, so that’s a grand total of 5! And she’s only just coming upto 7months!.. Not only has she had her new teeth to contend with, she’s also got the dreaded sneezes and the snots that come with it… Poor little mite. So as you probably guessed, I haven’t had a lot of time […]

Day 2

The prompt for today is: November 2, 2013 What is your favourite autumnal flavour? Share your favourite recipe. Mmmmmmm I have a few flavours that really tickle my tastebuds!. I think my all time top favourite has to be Vanilla! Im not a huge food type of person in the summer I tend to just grab snacks whilst on the go, but when it comes to autumn/winter I love everything desert wise. The desert I love my favourite flavour in, is a Vanilla Cheesecake!!! with a generous pour of Cream, a splodge of whipped cream and a nice sprinkling of Chocolate! Cheesecake […]

NaBloPoMo 2013 prompts

NaBloPoMo 2013 prompts November 1, 2013 Welcome to NaNoBloPo! Share with us something we may not already know about you. Link back to old posts that need some loving. November 2, 2013 What is your favourite autumnal flavour? Share your favourite recipe. Done November 3, 2013 Which is better to jump in: a leaf pile or a puddle? November 4, 2013 Are you easily tricked? Do you fall for things? November 5, 2013 Today in the UK it is Guy Fawkes night (or Bonfire night). Do you like this day? How do you feel about fireworks? November 6, 2013 Tell us […]