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maclaren cath kidston buggy bag next coat

Maclaren Cath Kidston & My Obsession for everything has to Match!

I decided we need a New quick fold Pushchair that could easily keep going in and out the Boot of the car. I was suppose to settle for something cheap so that I could just chuck it in the boot and not worry about it. But, well that wasn’t going to happen when I spotted the Maclaren Cath Kidston in the Quest model, the fabric is called Blue Spray Flowers and Its absolutely Stunning. I have a weak spot obsession for Prams/Pushchairs.. I do like to think im slightly reformed, as Layla only had 4 prams before she was born (I couldn’t decide which […]

My Top 5 Baby Must Have Products! - Tried & Tested x3

My Top 5 Baby Must Have Products! – Tried & Tested x3

Being a Mummy x3, you get a good understanding of what baby products works for you and also what doesn’t. There is so many baby products on the market that for a first time parent it can be very overwhelming on what you should choose and what you should steer clear of. So here I will share my Top 5 Baby Products, that I’ve used for my Children: 1, GroBag/Sleeping Bags: This is my Top Number 1 Baby Product!!! The Sleeping Bag. As a first time mummy, it filled me with dread when I heard horror stories about babies suffocating […]