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This Mombie is just beyond tired!

RANT ALERT!!! RANT ALERT!!! This no sleeping thing is slowly taking over my life!!!. I written a post last week explaining why im tired, you can read that HERE  Although she’s gotten slightly better, now waking up after 2-3 hours rather than 1 hour. Im just exhausted, im ratty, angry, moody, emotional and feeling stressed. Its madness how little sleep can make EVERYTHING seem much worse than it is. We have got so much going on in the house! we have a part built porch, that still needs plaster boarding and flooring to be done, we’re in the midst of building a conservatory. They […]


I turned my Mummy into a MOMBIE!

I love my little Layla Lots!!!… but this is one tired Zombiefied (is that even a word lol) Mummy. I feel like I’m slowly losing the plot day by day, I keep forgetting things, I even went to go out the door on a school run this afternoon without realising I had no shoes on haha (really wasn’t one of my finest moments!) and why? Because my Little Layla has grown to dislike that beautiful thing us tired parents crave SLEEP. She has even cut out 1 of her naps during the day, she did use to have 2 :/ […]