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Apple Macbook Pro Work Area

My 6 Month Blogging Milestone & What I've Learned So far

Wow i cant believe that 6 Months ago i started Blogging full time!, where has that time gone? I did initially set up my blog in 2012 when we were trying for a baby and when i got Pregnant i decided to log everything, i wanted a in-depth record of my Pregnancy and beyond but unfortunately 3 months later a Miscarriage was confirmed and everything changed for me. Blogging just seemed the last place i wanted to be or share how i felt. I quickly fell Pregnant with my Little Layla, but i was Paranoid that if i started to […]

Laylas First Steps

Layla Has finally Took Her First Steps!

Eeeeek Layla took her very first proper steps and i cant believe that I caught them on video! yay go me haha. Layla is 12months old and shes only just started to walk, a little slower than her brothers who was around 10 months and im totally not bothered in the slightest! If she was my first then i would probably be worrying that she hadn’t done it sooner, but being a mummy to 3 i know that they all walk and talk in their own time and theres no point in worrying. So I’ve just let her build her […]