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Consultant Appointment – 37Weeks

Date: 09/04/2013 Time: 10:45am Weeks Gestation: 37 Fundal Height: 37cm FH: FMF BP: 100/60 Urine: NAD Consultant Comments: Growth scan 08/04/2013 is satisfactory. Aneathetist has reviewed and reccomends spinal aneathetic for C-section (although GA NOT Contradicated). No correspondance from Dr Nath, Platelet 92 02/04/2012 Patient states saw Dr Nath’s team in December who advised should be ok for spinal Anaesthesia. Patient Not keen on GA, wants CS early as Platelets are low/falling. Discussed with Mr Roy, advised for section at 38weeks. Discussed with midwife Julie Glass who will amend appointments etc Re booked to 16/04/2013 as in plan (signed J.Glass)

Day Asessment Unit – 36+6weeks

Date: 08/04/2013 Time: 15:45pm Weeks Gestation: 36+6 FH: FMF Comments: Leanne attended Day Aseessment Unit re Ultrsound Scan Check growth and under 50th centile, above 5th centile, normal liquor and doppler. Follow up / Action Plan: For Antenatal 10:30am Tomorrow to review Scan.

Pre-Op Assessment – 36+2weeks

Maternity Record, Day Assessment Unit (DAU) Place of attendance: Hartlepool / DAU Date of arrival: 04/04/13 Time of Arrival: 11:25am Time Seen: 11:25am Risk/Issue: 36+2weeks – Pre op Assessment. Assessment EDD Scan: 30/04/2013 Gravida: 6 Parity: 2 Gestation: 36+2weeks Observations Inspection: Abdomen – Round, soft to palpate, Fundus – 36cms, long lie, cephalic, Free, FHHR & FM Allergies No Known Allergies Admission History Date: 04/04/2013 Time: 11:30am Leanne attended DAU Hartlepool for pre op assessment has had high risk anaesthetic review Feels well though has not felt baby move much this morning, had had mucusy show c/o irregular on palpation, […]

Consultant Appointment – 36weeks

Date: 02/04/2013 Time: 11:00am Weeks Gestation: 36 Fundal Height: 34cm Presentation: Cephalic FH: FMF BP: 102/65 Urine: NAD Midwife Comments: Leanne Attended Antenatal Clinic for Review HB: 10.4 Need prescription for iron (bloods taken 26/03/2013) Platelets: 100 Consultant Comments: Admitted to North Tees 26/03/2013, with palpitations and felt unwell. Now Fine Ferrous Fumerate 210mgs 1 tablet 3x a day for 4/52 Repeat FBC Clinic Review on 16/04/2013 To review 24 hours ECG and Echocardiogram report on next visit -> requested medical notes Growth scan 2/52