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Laylas First Steps

Layla Has finally Took Her First Steps!

Eeeeek Layla took her very first proper steps and i cant believe that I caught them on video! yay go me haha. Layla is 12months old and shes only just started to walk, a little slower than her brothers who was around 10 months and im totally not bothered in the slightest! If she was my first then i would probably be worrying that she hadn’t done it sooner, but being a mummy to 3 i know that they all walk and talk in their own time and theres no point in worrying. So I’ve just let her build her […]

A Letter to my Darling Daughter

A Letter to my Darling Daughter – Your'e Now 1!

A Letter to my Darling Daughter, Your 1st Birthday is just round the corner and even to this day i still cant believe that we were so blessed to have you in our lives. You complete us in so many ways and im so Proud to call you my daughter. From Day 1 you have been our little fighter, you arrived into the world with hardly a whimper and you filled with me with absolute love that only a mother can feel for her fresh newborn baby. In that moment of time it was just me and you.. No-one else […]

hibs100 march rank 97 2014

WOW I got #97 in the March HIBS100 Rank – #MagicMoments

Today I was checking out my Blogs widgets, decided to have a little shuffle around haha and in the corner of my eye noticed that my HIBS100 Badge had changed from the Non-Ranked Default display to now a snazzy #97!!! :O I was utter speechless. I think more so because I only signed up in the middle of last month to the HIBS100 Directory, I expected that it would take a long time to go up the ranks, just like my TOTS100 I quickly raced outside to Lee who at the time, was putting up plasterboard on the walls in […]

ashton certificate times tables

Huge Proud Mammy Moment from My Best Boys! – #MagicMoments

My Children are just the BEST kids in the entire world!!! well, apart from when they fighting either eachother and they totally ignore me when im telling them off for jumping on the settee for the 100th time that day! haha Last week we had a Fab week!!!… as you can probably see here. Ashton came out of school smiling like a Cheshire Cat! Last Thursday, Which I love as it often means he’s either got a Golden Star or a Certificate. This time he had Certificate!!! Not just any Certificate but a one for Maths. Ashtons strongest point is reading and writing, […]