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15.05.14 Project365 week20 layla playing in the garden

Project365 – Week20 – 11th-17th May 2014

So week 20 is upon us! Each week im always shocked by how far were already into 2014 when it only feels like yesterday it was Christmas! Where does the time go? But im not complaining! haha, the summer is here (Hallelujah!) So roll on sitting out in the Garden enjoying a few glasses (or bottles lol) of wine hehe it has to be done though? Project365 – Week20 – 11th-17th May 2014 11.05.14 – We inherited some Sofas from my Granda as hes moved in with my Mum, so we have put those in the Living room and put […]

Ashton with his Daily Mail Lego Creation

Building FREE Lego from the Daily Mail – Ashton Aged 6

All this week The Daily Mail are giving away FREE Lego with each newspaper. Being HUGEEEEEE Lego fans in this house, we just had to get it!. So whilst the kids have been going to school we have then carried on into the town to buy our Daily Mail newspaper in WHSmith just to get a little Vehicle made out of Lego. Last year me and Lee had to build the Lego as the boys just couldnt follow the instructions. I wasnt complaining as i quite building Lego! Its FAB… but i felt bad on the kids, as it kind […]

we went to see the Lego Movie 3D

We went to see the Lego Movie in 3D!! – Its FAB!

The boys have been hyped up about the impending Lego Movie! There are Lego Mad, they have tons of the stuff in their bedroom and can spend hours and hours playing with all the Lego city sets, Lego train set, Xbox games, duvet covers and Curtains!! etc. Needless to say they like anything to do with Lego. The Lego Movie came out last Friday on Valentines Day, but unfortunately we had to wait till Monday night to go, as that was the only available night¬†Daddy was off work, so he could stay home and watch Layla. We got some Lovely […]