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My Top 5 Baby Must Have Products! - Tried & Tested x3

My Top 5 Baby Must Have Products! – Tried & Tested x3

Being a Mummy x3, you get a good understanding of what baby products works for you and also what doesn’t. There is so many baby products on the market that for a first time parent it can be very overwhelming on what you should choose and what you should steer clear of. So here I will share my Top 5 Baby Products, that I’ve used for my Children: 1, GroBag/Sleeping Bags: This is my Top Number 1 Baby Product!!! The Sleeping Bag. As a first time mummy, it filled me with dread when I heard horror stories about babies suffocating […]

5 Guilty Reasons To Breastfeed

My 5 Guilty Reasons to Breastfeed – Instant Booblift? Yes Please

I breastfed my Daughter for nearly 10months and I Love the Health Benefits it gave us both, but I have to admit that there is also some “Other” Perks to Breastfeeding that you don’t often see. Here I will Confess my 5 Guilty Reasons to Breastfeed: 1, One Less thing to forget: My Memory is absolute Pants! and its even worse Post-Partum… I’ve forgotten absolutely alsorts, Nappies, Wipes and once I even forgot my shoes (don’t ask!) But I’ve never forgotten Milk 😉 2, Bye Bye to Aunt Flo: Oh the Joy of not seeing Aunt Flo pop up whenever she feels like it!!! I made it to […]

Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Breastfeeding Nipple Cream – REVIEW

When I was baby shopping whilst pregnant with Layla, I often visited the essentials aisle’s and bought the “Essentials”, Nappies, Wipes, Cotton wool etc. I often seen the small purple cardboard box of Lansinoh Lanolin Cream on the shelves but never purchased any, I wasn’t overly sure that I would need it and at £9.99 for a small tube I thought I’m probably best to wait till Layla arrives, then if I need it ill get some. I had Layla and when Day 3 came around, my nipples were sore excruciatingly painful, there were cracked, bleeding and even the thought […]