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How does your garden grow planted seeds

How Does Your Garden Grow? In a Greenhouse of Course! #HDYGG

So How Does your Garden Grow??? Well ours NOW grows in a Greenhouse! Daulton, my oldest son has been taking a deep interest in the garden lately which has stemmed from him asking me why im snapping pictures of our flowers and even weeds. Which of course im snapping away to take part in Annie’s How does your Garden Grow? Linky every thursday. Hes been out in the Garden watering the plants, de-weeding and cutting all the stray grass that the lawnmower cant reach. So whilst we were out at the shops the other day he just popped out with, […]

Ashton with his Daily Mail Lego Creation

Building FREE Lego from the Daily Mail – Ashton Aged 6

All this week The Daily Mail are giving away FREE Lego with each newspaper. Being HUGEEEEEE Lego fans in this house, we just had to get it!. So whilst the kids have been going to school we have then carried on into the town to buy our Daily Mail newspaper in WHSmith just to get a little Vehicle made out of Lego. Last year me and Lee had to build the Lego as the boys just couldnt follow the instructions. I wasnt complaining as i quite building Lego! Its FAB… but i felt bad on the kids, as it kind […]

DIY: The Boys Bedroom – Make Over! Phase 2

So here is our DIY: Boys Bedroom Make Over Phase 2!!! I cant believe that we have actually nearly finished the Make over, if you want to catch up on the Make over click (HERE) for Phase 1 to find out why we have decided to do this. So exactly a week ago i wrote Phase 1 explaining all about why we wanted to make over the boys bedroom. Im glad that we have took the plunge and started it, but boy its been hard physically and mentally! There is sawdust, wood, screws and utter chaos throughout the entire house, […]

Coronation Street - The Tour

Coronation Street – The Tour!!!

On the 15th of April we were very lucky to pay the old Coronation Street set and studios a lovely little visit. This Granada Studios set was used on TV screens since the very 1st episode, that took place on the 9th of December 1960. However,back in December 2013, Coronation Street Moved to a much larger purposed built full scale Coronation Street in Salford thats now MediaCityUK. We arrived late on in the day so it was quiet and not overly busy, which suited us fine… as its not easy to push my Granda in the wheel chair and Layla […]