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How does your garden grow planted seeds

How Does Your Garden Grow? In a Greenhouse of Course! #HDYGG

So How Does your Garden Grow??? Well ours NOW grows in a Greenhouse! Daulton, my oldest son has been taking a deep interest in the garden lately which has stemmed from him asking me why im snapping pictures of our flowers and even weeds. Which of course im snapping away to take part in Annie’s How does your Garden Grow? Linky every thursday. Hes been out in the Garden watering the plants, de-weeding and cutting all the stray grass that the lawnmower cant reach. So whilst we were out at the shops the other day he just popped out with, […]

How does your garden Grow ward jackson park white pansie

How Does Your Garden Grow? We went to the park #HDYGG

This week has been abit slightly hectic as were making over the Boys bedroom… So sadly my garden hasnt had any tinkering, potting or shown any love 🙁 So we took the kids to the park and i found some lots of pretty flowers. As always we cant go to the park without feeding the ducks! they loved it and a couple of them were fighting for the bread :/ Ive also bought myself a set of Macro Lens, but sadly there never arrived in time for my How does your Garden Grow? post, nevermind. So next week im hoping […]

How does your garden grow new plants

How Does your Garden Grow? I got New Plants #HDYGG

So here is my weekly round up of How Does Your Garden Grow… Ive replanted some more trees in the Holes where my previous trees were stolen from, you can read about that (HERE). As i suspected 1 out of my new 3 trees that ive planted has decided to wither away :(, ive kept it in hoping that it may just decide to grow, as the back is still lovely and green (maybes im just kidding myself?), any ideas how i can sort of make it all come back green again? Heres a poor bulb that was once in […]

How does your Garden Grow Purple Pansies

Pretty Bluebells lined up in a Row #HDYGG

This weeks How Does Your Garden Grow? Post, features my front and back Gardens… Unfortunately there’s not a lot of colour or pretty exotic plants going on out there (i have more weeds than anything), i just haven’t had the time due to us being busy building a Porch and a Conservatory, so this spring/summer its my target to get lots of pretty flowers and features going on out there! I’ve noticed out the back that one of my bulbs that i planted earlier in the year has actually grew! but its a shame i couldn’t tell you what it […]