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cable and cotton cinnamon lights review

Cable and Cotton Cinnamon 20 Lights – Review

 I was recently contacted by the Cable and Cotton Team to review one of their beautiful fairy lights set. I of course accepted and quickly jumped onto their website and checked out all of the pretty colour schemes, which is quite alot. I couldn’t decide which ones to pick, i was torn between the marshmallow for the living room or the cinnamon set for Layla’s bedroom. Eventually i decided to get cinnamon colour scheme for Layla’s bedroom as it perfectly matched the colours that was in her new Next Woodland Bedding set. So once i had made my mind up […]

Project 365 week22 26.05.14 the boys near highforce waterfall

Project365 – 25th-31st May 2014 – Week 22

Woah where did week22 spring from?? This year is zooming by!!! Well this week the boys have been off school for a whole ENTIRE week!! and as per usual its rained non stop! So some days we have had abit of cabin fever going on and Layla hasn’t exactly been thrilled with the rain either as it meant she couldn’t play outside. Although its been abit poo with the weather, we have tried to get out and do some things rather than look at the same 4 walls.. Here is our Week22: 25.05.14 – We went swimming to a different […]

How to make your own Bugaboo Bee Hood

How to: Make a Bugaboo Bee+ Hood – Instructions

Here i will show you How to make your own Bugaboo Bee+ Hood. Im a HUGE lover of Bugaboo’s so much so i have 2 of them, a Cameleon3 and a Bee+. Unfortunately im not a lover of just plain jane things and so sometimes they plain coloured hoods just wont do, if your the same why not make your own? First things first: You need a pattern, i bought a badly faded Khaki Bee+ hood from Ebay for about £10 and when it arrived i took it all apart. I ironed it all flat and used those pieces as […]