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How does your garden grow small green pepper

How Does Your Garden Grow? Red Pepper Anyone?

This week in our How Does Your Garden Grow? Post features Daultons new red pepper tree/branch/plant (i have no idea of the correct term for it)… But we picked it up from B&Q at a reduced price, so how could we not get it :)… Theres a small green pepper growing and Daulton has been tending to it, watering it and even cleaning it with a cloth awwww… Hes sooo proud of it bless him. Eeeekkkkkkk we have something popping through!!! i couldnt tell you what they are, as we totally forgot what we had planted :/ ooppps but i […]

15.05.14 Project365 week20 layla playing in the garden

Project365 – Week20 – 11th-17th May 2014

So week 20 is upon us! Each week im always shocked by how far were already into 2014 when it only feels like yesterday it was Christmas! Where does the time go? But im not complaining! haha, the summer is here (Hallelujah!) So roll on sitting out in the Garden enjoying a few glasses (or bottles lol) of wine hehe it has to be done though? Project365 – Week20 – 11th-17th May 2014 11.05.14 – We inherited some Sofas from my Granda as hes moved in with my Mum, so we have put those in the Living room and put […]

How does your garden grow planted seeds

How Does Your Garden Grow? In a Greenhouse of Course! #HDYGG

So How Does your Garden Grow??? Well ours NOW grows in a Greenhouse! Daulton, my oldest son has been taking a deep interest in the garden lately which has stemmed from him asking me why im snapping pictures of our flowers and even weeds. Which of course im snapping away to take part in Annie’s How does your Garden Grow? Linky every thursday. Hes been out in the Garden watering the plants, de-weeding and cutting all the stray grass that the lawnmower cant reach. So whilst we were out at the shops the other day he just popped out with, […]