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beautiful purple flower

Bank Holiday Monday and a Trip to HighForce Waterfall

Bank Holiday Monday gone we decided to take the kids out for the day, there usually just like to play on the Xbox whilst we try to tackle the endless jobs that need doing in the house. But we of course had to make the most of the beautiful Sunshine and decided to head off to see the Waterfall at High Force. Heres the Kiddiewinks just before we descend to the bottom of the waterfall. We werent allowed to pick any flowers from the gardens on the walk, but Ashton found these ones on the floor so of course we […]

Project365 week21 22.05.14 layla got new shoes from clarks

Project365 – Week 21 – 18th-24th May 2014

Another week and another busy one for us :/ This week I’ve been abit off colour, i have just felt out of sorts, i havent wanted to turn on the computer so i havent done many blog posts, ive got thousands of comments (which are all spam) to go through and mark as SPAM urghhh… I think i just burnt myself out doing all the DIY stuff in the kids room, trying to keep the housework flowing as i hate to miss one day as it just impossible to catch up and then Layla has had a poorly belly so […]

How does your garden grow new plants

How Does your Garden Grow? I got New Plants #HDYGG

So here is my weekly round up of How Does Your Garden Grow… Ive replanted some more trees in the Holes where my previous trees were stolen from, you can read about that (HERE). As i suspected 1 out of my new 3 trees that ive planted has decided to wither away :(, ive kept it in hoping that it may just decide to grow, as the back is still lovely and green (maybes im just kidding myself?), any ideas how i can sort of make it all come back green again? Heres a poor bulb that was once in […]