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How does your garden grow small green pepper

How Does Your Garden Grow? Red Pepper Anyone?

This week in our How Does Your Garden Grow? Post features Daultons new red pepper tree/branch/plant (i have no idea of the correct term for it)… But we picked it up from B&Q at a reduced price, so how could we not get it :)… Theres a small green pepper growing and Daulton has been tending to it, watering it and even cleaning it with a cloth awwww… Hes sooo proud of it bless him. Eeeekkkkkkk we have something popping through!!! i couldnt tell you what they are, as we totally forgot what we had planted :/ ooppps but i […]

How does your garden Grow ward jackson park white pansie

How Does Your Garden Grow? We went to the park #HDYGG

This week has been abit slightly hectic as were making over the Boys bedroom… So sadly my garden hasnt had any tinkering, potting or shown any love 🙁 So we took the kids to the park and i found some lots of pretty flowers. As always we cant go to the park without feeding the ducks! they loved it and a couple of them were fighting for the bread :/ Ive also bought myself a set of Macro Lens, but sadly there never arrived in time for my How does your Garden Grow? post, nevermind. So next week im hoping […]

The 3 Musketeers - 28.04.14

Project365 – 27th April – 3rd May 2014 – Week 18

Week 18 has been abit of a busy one for us, were still doing the odd DIY things in the house and then Lee decides to build the boys some Pod Bunk Beds!!! so we have been super duper busy, but there almost done thank god… Then its a case of putting the house back together (why is it when you decorate one room, that the rest of the house ends up looking like a bomb has just gone off) 27.04.14 – I love this soft subtle “Im not looking at you Mum” photo of Layla, i was messing around […]

Me and Layla - 22.04.14

Project365 – 20th-26th April – Week 17

WOW week 17 already!!! I cant believe were almost into May, doesn’t feel like 2 minutes ago since it was Christmas :/ Doesn’t time just fly? This week has been another varied type which we have loved, i don’t like doing the same things over and over… 20.04.14 – I bought Layla a Ball Pool from Argos the other day and Ever since shes never been out of it! Including Ashton who is also partial to sitting in there whilst watching the TV. 21.04.14 – Every Thursday i link upto Annies How Does your Garden Grow? over at Mammasaurus… so […]