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clearblue inside digital pregnancy test 1-2

What does a positive clearblue digital pregnancy test look like inside?

Have you ever wondered what does a Clearblue Conception Digital Pregnancy Test look like inside??? Yeh me too!… Heres what i found:   Pregnant 1-2: If you look at the strips in the above picture, you can see the bottom strip has 2 lines, the darker line is the control line and the fainter line to the left of it is to say your Pregnant. The top strip with a single line, determines how long ago you conceived. The line appears faint to indicate that it was only 1-2 weeks ago. If you are seeing this result then you are […]

Fertility Charting = Explained

Charting = Taking your temperatures every morning using a Basal thermometer and recording it on a Chart, ive found using www.fertilityfriend.com is very very good as it shows you when you ovulated aswell as gives you lots of help to determine your chart/temps and to help catch that eggy. There is 3 stages to a womans cycle, 1st stage is after your period/menstruation, you will produce Estrogen which cools the body down and prepare for Ovulation. Then you will notice watery/Eggwhite consitency Cervical Mucus on the days leading upto Ovulation, this is called your fertile Period which can last a […]