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project365 week 19 the boys bedroom 07.05.14

Project365 – Week 19 – 4th-10th May 2014

WOW week 19 where the hell has the time been going? Everything at the minute seems to be moving at lightening speed due to all the work were doing in the house, so that hopefully come the summer we can sit out the back with a Vodka or 4 hehe enjoying the good old british outdoors! Which im hoping will smell beautiful as ive just bought Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary Shrubs! 🙂 Here is our Project365 Week 19 – 4-10th May: 04.05.14 – We have got abit further forward with the Boys Bedroom Makeover! Here are the Pod Beds so […]

DIY: The Boys Bedroom – Make Over! Phase 2

So here is our DIY: Boys Bedroom Make Over Phase 2!!! I cant believe that we have actually nearly finished the Make over, if you want to catch up on the Make over click (HERE) for Phase 1 to find out why we have decided to do this. So exactly a week ago i wrote Phase 1 explaining all about why we wanted to make over the boys bedroom. Im glad that we have took the plunge and started it, but boy its been hard physically and mentally! There is sawdust, wood, screws and utter chaos throughout the entire house, […]

Easy ways to Upcycling Furniture

5 Easy way's to Upcycling your Old Wooden Furniture

Today I Upcycled our Wooden Furniture TV Unit, we purchased this yesterday off Gumtree as a Preloved Item. We bought it cheap, very cheap in fact but it did look abit tired and may i say, abit old’y world’y… But we couldn’t be fussy as similar Units Brand New from a Shop were around £250-£300!!! that just wasn’t in our price range at all… So we had to settle for something that did the job just the same and wouldn’t break our bank balance. The TV Unit is for our Conservatory that we have been putting together for the last […]