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How to make your own Bugaboo Donkey HoodCanopy from Scratch - Part One

How to make your very own Bugaboo Donkey Hood/Canopy From Scratch – Part One

Here i will guide you through on how to make your very own Bugaboo Donkey hood/canopy from scratch. Ive decided to do break down the Method of making the Bugaboo Donkey hood into a few separate sections or posts, as there is so much to show you and talk through, that i thought it would make things a little easier for you and me ūüôā (Please Bookmark this Page, as i will Update it frequently and add in the Relevant links to the other posts, so you can make the hood from start to Finish) PARTS: (check back later to […]

Easy ways to Upcycling Furniture

5 Easy way's to Upcycling your Old Wooden Furniture

Today I Upcycled our Wooden Furniture TV Unit, we purchased this yesterday off Gumtree as a Preloved Item. We bought it cheap, very cheap in fact but it did look abit tired and may i say, abit old’y world’y… But we couldn’t be fussy as similar Units Brand New from a Shop were around ¬£250-¬£300!!! that just wasn’t in our price range at all… So we had to settle for something that did the job just the same and wouldn’t break our bank balance. The TV Unit is for our Conservatory that we have been putting together for the last […]

Create a Beautiful Butterfly Decoration from Wallpaper - suggys.co.ukLeanne

Create a Beautiful Butterfly Decoration from Wallpaper

  Every room deserves to¬†be adorned with¬†Beautiful Pretty decorations and what better way than to make some yourself. That is exactly what ive done here with some left over Wallpaper and a Photo frame. Having just finished building our New Conservatory, it is a total blank canvas with no decorations, well it doesn’t even have any furniture yet :/…I needed to wallpaper one wall which is on the back of the house but it didn’t take up the whole 2 rolls that we purchased so there is plenty of¬†it left. I hate seeing anything go to waste and with the […]