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How to make your own Bugaboo Bee Hood

How to: Make a Bugaboo Bee+ Hood – Instructions

Here i will show you How to make your own Bugaboo Bee+ Hood. Im a HUGE lover of Bugaboo’s so much so i have 2 of them, a Cameleon3 and a Bee+. Unfortunately im not a lover of just plain jane things and so sometimes they plain coloured hoods just wont do, if your the same why not make your own? First things first: You need a pattern, i bought a badly faded Khaki Bee+ hood from Ebay for about £10 and when it arrived i took it all apart. I ironed it all flat and used those pieces as […]

The BEST Alzheimer's/Dementia Fidget Lap Blanket EVER... so Pretty and full of exciting things to do and see. Pin now and Save for Later.... These would make excellent Xmas gifts too :)

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Fidget Lap Blanket Quilt

Heres how i Made my Lovely Nana a Alzheimer’s Dementia Fidget Lap Blanket Quilt I decided to make my lovely nana a Alzheimer’s Dementia Fidget Lap Blanket Quilt after i seen Autistic children enjoy a weighted/fidget blanket. I instantly thought oh WOW what i great idea!!! i wonder if my Nana would like something like that. She’s now at the Stage in her Alzheimers illness, that she can’t comprehend to not pull the cotton on her buttons, as obviously there will fall off and she could potentially eat them (which is obviously NOT a good thing). She also likes to fidget a […]

How to get a Black Bugaboo Chassis for £4.99

HOW TO: Vinyl your Bugaboo Chassis – Learn how to do it Now!

  Have you always wanted a Black Bugaboo Frog, Gecko and Cameleon Chassis, but cant afford the “The Real Deal” Price Tag??? Then look no further. Here I will show you how to make your existing Bugaboo Cameleon silver chassis Black with NO MESS and with a little time and effort for £4.99!. This method is also quick and easy to remove if needed, it adds protection to your existing chassis and no one can tell the difference!. If you wish to remove it. Simply pull and peel it off, clean the chassis with soapy water to remove any left […]