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Coronation Street - The Tour

Coronation Street – The Tour!!!

On the 15th of April we were very lucky to pay the old Coronation Street set and studios a lovely little visit. This Granada Studios set was used on TV screens since the very 1st episode, that took place on the 9th of December 1960. However,back in December 2013, Coronation Street Moved to a much larger purposed built full scale Coronation Street in Salford thats now MediaCityUK. We arrived late on in the day so it was quiet and not overly busy, which suited us fine… as its not easy to push my Granda in the wheel chair and Layla […]

Layla playing in a Ball pool

Project365 – Week16 – 13th-19th April

This Week has been somewhat a little busy compared to recent weeks!!!.. We had a Trip to Manchester to see the Coronation Street set, then onto Liverpool and Celebrated Laylas 1st Birthday! So its been a bit of a random week, but I’ve loved it all the same!. 13.04.14 – Today Layla was opening her 1st Birthday Presents, as we were going away for her birthday, so she had them 3 days earlier (i don’t think she will mind lol) 14.04.14 – WOW I’ve actually made something grow! EEEeeek Im good at making Humans (my babies), but sometimes i lack […]

Coronation Street, How does your Garden Grow

Coronation Street! How does your Garden Grow?

This week has been a rather busy and slightly chaotic one but featuring in my How does your Garden Grow??? Is the Famous Coronation Street!… We were very privileged to pay the old Manchester Quay Street Filming Set a visit. So of course my camera came right along with me and i just so happened to notice some flowers. Before our Tour round the Studios and the famous Cobble Street began, we waited in the Cast Canteen which was were the stars of Coronation Street would have they lunch/tea in between filming. The Old studios/sets were left behind in December […]