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conservatory wallpaper

DIY: Conservatory has been Tiled and Wallpaper

This past week has been somewhat non-stop. We have built a Conservatory on the back of the house and a Porch on the front of the house, which has taken Months upon Months to do… But were finally at the finishing end (Thank God!)… Im sick of seeing tools lying about everywhere, im sick of them taking priority over going out and having fun with the kids. But thankfully were nearly there!!! Wallpaper: I think I’ve burnt myself out over the last week, as I’ve been trying my hardest to get everything done and completed. This last week I’ve, tiled […]

conseratory plaster board

DIY: Building a Conservatory on a Budget, walls are done!

Yay finally after 4 months of building our very own Conservatory we are almost there. I cant wait to just have it fully completed and actually use it!… We have done most of the work ourselves, so we can actually save some money along the way. Sometimes i do just wish we had of saved up and paid a company to do it… It’s took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. This is how far we have got: Plaster Boarding: Lee has Plaster boarded all the inside and used adhesive to attach the boards to the walls. It was […]

Conservatory – Part 2 – Foundations being laid

The foundations for our conservatory have been dug out! It didn’t take the builders long to do it either, which I’m surprised at! If me and lee did it, we would of still been digging till next Christmas haha… You can tell there the professionals! The only problem is zack can’t just go outside to run etc, he nearly fell down there last night as I took him out and stood with him whilst he did his business, it was freezing so I shouted him to come in and he made a run for it to the back door!! I […]