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were having a baby

Were having a Baby!

Im so Happy to announce that after another long wait we are expecting our 4th Baby (and of course our last!) haha… I didn’t think it was going to happen, as we had kind of been trying since we had Layla, as we knew we would of liked too of had another.  Here the Baby as i refer too as Squigglet is measuring 13weeks dot on. Due: 07/10/15 Lee and I gave ourselves a cut off time period, as we said we could just go on and on. So we both agreed that if we hadn’t fell pregnant before Lee’s […]

clearblue inside digital pregnancy test 1-2

What does a positive clearblue digital pregnancy test look like inside?

Have you ever wondered what does a Clearblue Conception Digital Pregnancy Test look like inside??? Yeh me too!… Heres what i found:   Pregnant 1-2: If you look at the strips in the above picture, you can see the bottom strip has 2 lines, the darker line is the control line and the fainter line to the left of it is to say your Pregnant. The top strip with a single line, determines how long ago you conceived. The line appears faint to indicate that it was only 1-2 weeks ago. If you are seeing this result then you are […]