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How to remove scratches from a Bugaboo chassis quick and easy

How To: Remove Scratches from a Bugaboo Chassis – Quick & Easy

How do you remove scratches from a Bugaboo Chassis??? Ever wondered the exact same? well here i will show you how. Ive seen alot of people asking how to remove scratches from their Bugaboo Chassis and ive also seen alot of suggestions like: Magic Eraser sponges, green scourers, Bleach, Old Toothbrush, Metal Scourers, Barkeepers Polish, Cif, Bicarbonate of Soda, Soda Crystals (just to name a few). I try to avoid using hazardous chemicals as much as i can, especially when it comes to cleaning something that my daughter will be using. So i decided to try out the most Top […]

HOW TO: Re-Black your Pushchair Plastics

Over the years I’ve learnt a lot from my “Pram Addiction!” haha… (mainly how its affected my bank balance lol) but also how to clean, maintain and make any pram Gleam! I’ve found that when you come to clean a chassis with matt (non shiny) black plastics, there tend to go abit dull/grey and if there is any scratches or scuffs to the plastics then these tend to go even lighter. I have tried rubbing them over with furniture polish in a hope to restore them, but I’ve noticed that tends to dry out within minutes and then your back to square […]