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The Funny side to Breastfeeding

I’ve been breastfeeding Layla for almost 9 months now and to be honest I’ve had it quite easy compared to some other breastfeeding mummy’s, I even made my own Breastfeeding Tops Read how I did it HERE But along the way you find some funny or not so funny little things that some folk just don’t tell you about haha.. So here is where I will bare all my confessions!! haha Your breasts will leak whenever is totally not convenient and seems to only happen on a top that will show this little mishap in all its GLORY haha   Gone are the […]


How to make your own Nursing/Breastfeeding Top

Breastfeeding tops from the Highstreet Retailers can drain your purse dry… There is no doubt that nursing/breastfeeding tops can help a mother feel comfortable whilst nursing her baby, but not everyone can afford to purchase these tops (me included) but that doesn’t mean those of us who cant afford them miss out!. So ive found the perfect solution. I bought a couple of Brand New Nursing Bras from ebay for about £5.00 each, there’s nothing flash or sexy about them and whether there branded/non branded they all do the same job. Then I had a venture into Primark clothes shop, i […]