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my top 5 breastfeeding must haves

My Top 5 Breastfeeding Must Have Products

Breastfeeding your baby is such a fantastic thing!!! I successfully breastfed my 3rd baby Layla for a whole 10 months. In that time I quickly learnt what Products worked and what I needed to keep succeeding at Breastfeeding. Read why these are my Top 5: Nursing/Breastfeeding/Maternity Tops I absolutely love Breastfeeding Tops, i find there so comfortable and easy to wear. They usually feature a clasp on the strap so that you can drop down the top for either side that your going to breastfeed from, whilst the strap is still firmly attached. There also great to wear under another […]

5 Guilty Reasons To Breastfeed

My 5 Guilty Reasons to Breastfeed – Instant Booblift? Yes Please

I breastfed my Daughter for nearly 10months and I Love the Health Benefits it gave us both, but I have to admit that there is also some “Other” Perks to Breastfeeding that you don’t often see. Here I will Confess my 5 Guilty Reasons to Breastfeed: 1, One Less thing to forget: My Memory is absolute Pants! and its even worse Post-Partum… I’ve forgotten absolutely alsorts, Nappies, Wipes and once I even forgot my shoes (don’t ask!) But I’ve never forgotten Milk 😉 2, Bye Bye to Aunt Flo: Oh the Joy of not seeing Aunt Flo pop up whenever she feels like it!!! I made it to […]

Lansinoh lanolin nipple cream

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Breastfeeding Nipple Cream – REVIEW

When I was baby shopping whilst pregnant with Layla, I often visited the essentials aisle’s and bought the “Essentials”, Nappies, Wipes, Cotton wool etc. I often seen the small purple cardboard box of Lansinoh Lanolin Cream on the shelves but never purchased any, I wasn’t overly sure that I would need it and at £9.99 for a small tube I thought I’m probably best to wait till Layla arrives, then if I need it ill get some. I had Layla and when Day 3 came around, my nipples were sore excruciatingly painful, there were cracked, bleeding and even the thought […]