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Review: Snuzpod Bedside Crib by The Green Sheep Co RRP: £199.99

The Snuzpod Bedside Crib by the Green sheep Company – Natural £199.99 Review So with the imminent arrival of our 4th child pending, I’ve learnt a whats needed and whats just totally not. Ive always gone ahead and bought a moses basket for my babies, but there so tiny and my babies seem to be born looking like miniature giants (9lbers and 23″ in length, i don’t know how I’m tiny! haha) anyways, moses baskets just don’t last very long! i usually get around 3 months out of them and considering how much there cost, around £50-£100 depending on the […]

My Baby Bump Update - 15weeks with no.4

My Baby Bump Update – 15weeks and I’m a little Orange!

  Statistics Gestation: 15weeks and 0Days Weight: 9st 12lb Clothes Size: Urghhh its official my normal Jeans don’t FIT 🙁 so the Maternity jeans have been purchased and in the picture I’m showcasing some lovely Baxter Maternity jeans from Topshop and OMG there soooo comfy!!!! What I’m Craving: At the minute I’ve got a taste for anything sweet, sour or basically anything i shouldn’t eat/drink too much of… Naughty Mammy hehe How I’m Feeling: Im knackered!!! My motivation as well and truly buggered off! Ive got a list of jobs/tasks that need doing in the house and i just lack the energy or the can […]

My Baby Bump Update - 14weeks with no.4

Baby Bump Update – 14weeks I’m a little Lemon!

Statistics Gestation: 14weeks and 0Days Weight: 9st 12lb Bust Size: So far Ive gone from a 36B to a 36C… Not surprised my good old trusty bras have been feeling a little tighter. Clothes Size: Im still a size UK10 on both bottom and top, well i say that, I’m a River Island 10 and Primark 12ish… This week I’ve really felt the need to get some Maternity clothes, more so trousers/jeans or jeggings, I’ve been walking around with my top button undone, so its time to invest in a god pair. Im thinking of paying New Look a visit […]

were having a baby

Were having a Baby!

Im so Happy to announce that after another long wait we are expecting our 4th Baby (and of course our last!) haha… I didn’t think it was going to happen, as we had kind of been trying since we had Layla, as we knew we would of liked too of had another.  Here the Baby as i refer too as Squigglet is measuring 13weeks dot on. Due: 07/10/15 Lee and I gave ourselves a cut off time period, as we said we could just go on and on. So we both agreed that if we hadn’t fell pregnant before Lee’s […]