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Layla playing in a Ball pool

Project365 – Week16 – 13th-19th April

This Week has been somewhat a little busy compared to recent weeks!!!.. We had a Trip to Manchester to see the Coronation Street set, then onto Liverpool and Celebrated Laylas 1st Birthday! So its been a bit of a random week, but I’ve loved it all the same!. 13.04.14 – Today Layla was opening her 1st Birthday Presents, as we were going away for her birthday, so she had them 3 days earlier (i don’t think she will mind lol) 14.04.14 – WOW I’ve actually made something grow! EEEeeek Im good at making Humans (my babies), but sometimes i lack […]

A Letter to my Darling Daughter

A Letter to my Darling Daughter – Your'e Now 1!

A Letter to my Darling Daughter, Your 1st Birthday is just round the corner and even to this day i still cant believe that we were so blessed to have you in our lives. You complete us in so many ways and im so Proud to call you my daughter. From Day 1 you have been our little fighter, you arrived into the world with hardly a whimper and you filled with me with absolute love that only a mother can feel for her fresh newborn baby. In that moment of time it was just me and you.. No-one else […]