Sophie the Giraffe Baby Toy Squeaker Teether – REVIEW

Sophie the Giraffe Baby Toy Squeaker Teether - REVIEW

Here is our Sophie the Giraffe Baby Toy Squeaker Teether – REVIEW.

We love love, love Sophie the giraffe! Or should I say Layla does.

Sophie the Giraffe is a shaped Teether toy, that is 100% chewable! She isn’t just your ordinary teether, she does feature a squeaker that keeps little ones entertained and makes them giggle 🙂

There is lots of nibble parts, like little ears, nose and those little dinky legs. These are also so easy to grab hold of for tiny hands.

Layla loves gnawing on Sophie the Giraffe since she was 12weeks old when she cut her 1st 2 teeth!!! so Sophie has been a godsend to us.

We purchased Sophie the Giraffe from Mamas & Papas for £14.00 and its been worth every single penny!! I would recommend Sophie the Giraffe to anyone with a Teething Baby.

Sophie La The Giraffe Teether

The only downside as such that I experienced with Sophie the Giraffe is that she is very easily lost especially when Layla would throw her out of her pram for the 100th time that day!, so i decided to make Sophie a little harness that hooked to Layla’s Bugaboo to keep her safe, i can’t imagine losing her!!! Heres the Link {Sophie The Giraffe Teether Toy Strap Tutorial}  Thankfully now we shouldn’t lose her!!!

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